Making the most of Autumn

Now that Autumn is beginning to be felt the fishing at Trois Fontaine will go through an awesome lift as the Carp pack on weight in preparation for the Winter.

The longer nights and falling temperatures act as a trigger to Carp to make that frenetic final push to eat as much as they can and they approach their top weights as Autumn leads into Winter. Read the rest of this entry »

Using Bait Boats at Trois Fontaine

Bait boats give a new dimension to fishing at Trois Fontaine and allow you fish many spots that are inaccesable by casting.

In addition to improving your range, the abiility to place a bait with accuracy and surrounded by a tight patch of free offerings can be a decided advantage. Read the rest of this entry »

Margin Fishing at Trois Fontaine

One of the best features of both the main and small lake is the depth and variety of margin features which make it a great place for those who like to fish close in.

The same applies for those who like to fish the far margin, as the swims are only on one side of both lakes there are great targets to hit on the far side. Read the rest of this entry »