Raymond, Marcel and Remco’s Carp Fishing Trip – Trois fontaine September 2011

Raymond with a 14kg MirrorAfter a successful trip to the French village, it was still some time to find the water “Trois Fontaines”, we asked it to an old villager who spontaneously grabbed his car keys and took us to the water. Arriving at the water had a pleasant conversation with the owner, John, we were the only one on the water, so choose free site!
The temperature today was definitely 28 * C, so sweltering hot to get things to build.
Remco Raymond took cuttings and 3 (2 person cuttings) and Marcel cutting 4. Around 4:30 all the rods were in and the tents were up, time for a beer in the sun.

Saturday: Unfortunately, the first night as expected, because of the heat during the day, a calm, a tench for Raymond, who well be the night could have been served, because of the increasing number bliebjes.

Sunday: Even 2 days and 2 night spent alone in tench ‘t like.

Raymond with a 16kg mirror from Trois FontaineMonday: carp related activities elsewhere in the water decided to relocate.
Marcel to the site last September, Remco and Raymond to spot 1 and 2 of Small Lake.
The move appeared after half an hour not a bad decision, the rod of Raymond, which of course just as the car was so Remco caught on the rod, Raymond took over and pulled a 16 kg mirror inside, a good start!

Whistler at 4:01 p.m. on the rod of Remco, unfortunately, this fish swam themselves stuck in the branches, and Jim was the collaboration of John and his boat back his rig. Jim starts the same place 10 minutes later, “Two-Tone” at 20,5 kg, his week could not go wrong, a new PR!

Jim with Two Tone at 20kg21 hours back a whistler on the rod of Raymond, a 13 kg mirror. About 23 hours through a port of call Marcel Raymond to it, the fish had swum down, around the corner, so Marcel had the water, unfortunately these fish escaped just before the creation .. 
11:30 p.m. Remco losschieter a falcon to the side, the fish have just seen, was a knoepert.

Tuesday: 01:30, Remco almost Rows Carp at10 kg. (We fish the fish is at an end of the week we both caught as much). At about 6:00 in the morning a whistler on the rod of Raymond, with a pre-soaked fish / bait and Garlic bungee rig, a mirror carp estimated at 16 pounds. Then back again at 07:30 on the rod of Raymond, with bungee rig and fish / bait garlic, a scale of 13 kg, won by Remco.

In the afternoon 1:30 p.m. another run at the Salty Tuna with normal bait rig,16 kg mirror carp results. We have become spoiled, and some felt that the long next run was going to delay, but anyway, after dinner, Jim with a nice scale of 11 kg. Marcel has been a pike caught during the downloading, something that John had already warned us in advance. And a carp 10,5 kg?(not sure) 

Jim with a nice common In the evening about 10:15 p.m. ready for the night, during the night to pee raymond a warbler, again on the same rod (hot spot) again the salty tuna bait, a13 kg mirror for Raymond.

Around 11:15 p.m. Remco asked Raymond whether that sound is also heard saying that yes, we were in our tent, and a little further was a group of boars, pff, that get good sleep …. 

Wednesday: 02:30, a warbler, back on the salty tuna bait,Remco drills a good 31 pounds sugar within a very active fish on the side. Indeed, around 4:00 at night rumble and rustle, a little further, with the mag-lite ghost eyes alert, so n further 100 meters, pigs so .. Marcel has decided today to relocate for the second time, if the fish is not due to you …. Now that is among the lilies, site 2 (Big Lake) where a lot of activity. 
Around 19:00 in the evening during the re-insertion of the lines a tap on the rod with the fish / bait garlic, the summit continued to move, I thought of tench, but it was a pike of 70 cm.

Thursday: At night at 01:00 pm,Remco roughly from his sleep by a screaming removed warbler, a scale 16 kg was knocked to the mat. Today as the water that some rest and errands done, the rods went at noon for 17 hours again. The evening run at 23:01, again on the salty tuna bait and notorious hotspot, Raymond with a 18 pound mirror carp, a good start to the night. Equal to 23 hours after it Remco, a 16 kg mirror carp. It is also the night calm.

Friday: On the wish list of Raymond was still a schubkarper and a 20 kg+ fish. And there was the first wish-fulfillment at 1:30 at night, a scale of about 6 kg 😉

Marcel with a 16kg MirrorMarcel also, finally, snapped at 02:00 am, begins his PR with a 16 kg mirror carp. 

Then again at 07:00 at the hotspot of Raymond, a mirror carp of 14 kg. 
3:30 p.m. Raymond gives the rod over to Remco, a mirror carp of 8 kg caught on the fish / bait garlic, for a tea bag soaked with forrest fruit taste 😉
4:30 p.m. pike again, this time on a grain of corn and penhengel!

Saturday: Last night and this night we hope to have some nice bangers. Raymond was rudely awakened at 01:00 by Marcel postage, need assistance because carp had swum through the other line, but a nice carp of 18 pounds hauled.
Marcel immediately upon return from a mirror carp of around £ 14 on the rod of Raymond, who also went to the tea bag 😉
Again from the same angle it was at 03:00 Two-Tone (20,5 kg) again brought, unfortunately, Raymond had the rod over to Remco by appointment, so that20 kg + still stay standing on his request list.

Carp Fishing Holiday Facilities at Trois FontaineWe have three of us had a very nice week, with a lot of “tap him on old” moments. The owner John is very helpful, even if for once was caught or if the fish swam down, if it’s always wake up call, which is also very concerned about his fish, check the bottom lines and techniques. The facilities are very well maintained, hot showers, charging stations for battery, s (also Dutch outlets).

With the three of us that week had 21 carp on the side, here we certainly have to come back.!

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