Our weekend at Trois Fontaine…

Jo & Will spent an enjoyable stay on the Small Lake at Trois Fontaine, here is there own story…

Jo with her best carp from Trois Fontaine

Jo with her best carp from Trois Fontaine

The Wife (who has never night fished and never seen a fish over 8lbs) and I fished the small lake from 4pm Friday to 2pm Monday. 

I’ve fished in France a few times but I’m no expert., I had tied 6″ rigs ready for use but John told us that the silt can be 8″+ so extended rig length to 8″, 17lb main line with 15lb braid size 6 barbed hooks.

No bottom features or gravel bars, so fished opposite bank and margins on our bank.  Really wild and un-spoilt, lots of overhanging trees, little bays, and snags.  Its only a small lake but its full of carpy areas and surface features. 

Bait boats are allowed but we dont have one, I’m sure they would help on this lake as there so many areas that you just cant cast to and if you walk around the lake you can clearly see they’re packed with carp.  I’d love to spout on about how bait boats are taking the skill out of angling and that I dont own one for ethical reasons, but the truth is I’m too tight to buy one.

Mainline bait – I dont want to sound like a tackle tart but I only ever use mainline baits, I wasn’t too sure what the fish would go for so I took 3 flavours and had success on all 3.  Maple 8, Fusion, Cell all 18mm round airdried.  Each one was capped off with either plastic corn or a chopped up 10mm pineapple popup.  I’m not sure if the popups or corn made any difference but it makes me more confident and happy to know they’re on. 

I used a spod but baited very lightly with only 4 spods per spot.  Mixture of hemp, pellets and maize with a bit of chopped boilie for good measure. 

Had the first fish at 2.30am 18lb Mirror.  Saturday was really hot (30) and still with no wind.  Even though you couldn’t wish for worse fishing conditions we landed  2 fish, 25lb common, 28lb mirror. 

The night was warm and still but landed another one 21lb common.  Sunday was warm but alot more comfortable (26) with a slight breeze.  We put a few rods mid water and had a take around 2pm with a 26lb mirror. Back in the far margin we had 30lb mirror.  Sunday night we blanked after loosing one about 3am.

Monday morning was cloudy and threatened rain but brought us our biggest fish of the trip, 33lb 4oz mirror. 

Then a beautiful spot on the far bank, right in the middle of a little bay under a tree we had 2 x 28lb mirrors in the same spot within 40minutes of each other.

So, thats 1 x double, 6 x 20s and 2 x 30 in 3 nights.  Not bad for a complete novice and a fat bloke with no baitboat.

Will with a Small Lake mirror

Will with a Small Lake mirror


You can see more of Jo and Will’s captures in the Gallery on www.trois-fontaine.com/gallery.html

One Response to “Our weekend at Trois Fontaine…”

  1. J burton Says:

    Had a fantastic week fishing this stunning lake.
    Good food / clean toilets & shower block.
    My aggessive hookers club had fish up to 39lb 14oz
    jon/ bev & colin are great hosts.
    give it a go you will not be dissapointed as in 9 years and 16 venues in france this is the most stunning lake we have been .

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