Making the most of Autumn

Now that Autumn is beginning to be felt the fishing at Trois Fontaine will go through an awesome lift as the Carp pack on weight in preparation for the Winter.

The longer nights and falling temperatures act as a trigger to Carp to make that frenetic final push to eat as much as they can and they approach their top weights as Autumn leads into Winter.

Tactics remain the same as for the Summer, but be prepared for more action after dark as they won’t confine their feeding spells to the shortening days and the nights will become much more active, especially if it is overcast and mild.

The water temperature will fall slowly and the Carp will be very active, both in the shallows and the deeper water, so be generous with your baiting to hold shoals of fish as they move through your swim.

Keep a keen eye out for jumping and rolling fish as these are the best indicators of where the fish are and are obvious targets. After all, you have more chance of catching a fish if you have a bait near it…

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