What Bait Shall I Use?

Always a tricky one!, but fish meals seem to do the business 🙂

One bait that several anglers have had good results on is Mainline Fusion, this meaty/fishy bait has accounted for some good bags and many of the bigger fish.

Confidence is Key

Go with what you are confident with and use the bait that you have been successfull with in the past, as the most important thing with bait is your confidence in it’s effectiveness.

Any meaty or fishy bait should do the trick.

Trois Fontaine Bait

Jon has a well stocked freezer of bait and can provide most baits to order, which saves having to cart the stuff to the lake 🙂

Make sure you contact Jon prior to your visit to make arrangements for your bait.

Size Matters!

The main lake has a good population of Tench and it is advisable to fish with large baits to keep these at bay. My preferred method is a couple of 18mls, although I have caught Tench on three 18mls in the past…

Larger single hook baits of 22 or 24ml may be worth a try, perhaps using 16 or 18mls as free offerings.


Naturals in the margin are always a favoured method for those who like a more active style of fishing.


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