Using Pellets at Trois Fontaine

Although high oil pellets are banned at Trois Fontaine, the specialist Carp pellets are an excellent way of getting the fish eating in your swim.

Nowadays there are a wide variety of pellets avaialable that are designed for Carp and are safe for them to eat.

Which Pellets to Use

Jon can provide you with pellets that have the added advantage of being known to the Carp as a food source as he has been feeding them to the fish for the past couple of years.

But most other pellet that you can buy will do the trick. Those that contain Betaine would be first my choice and those with CSL (Corn Steep Liquor) have proven themselves this season.


One of the way you can improve the effectiveness of your pellets is to add a does of your favourite flavour.

Most manufacurers provide there own glugs and addetives and most are effective, if only to boost your confidence.

Adding a tin of Tuna and mixing it well into you mixture of pellets can provide an edge on those harder days.

Size Doesn’t Matter?

Using pellets as an attractor to your swim, rather than a hook bait, makes the issue of size less important and the carp will eat all pellets from the smallest to the largest.

Where size does matter is in the breakdown period, small pellets usually break down much more quickly tha large pellets.

I usualy fish with mixed sizes of pellets to ensure that the break down is over a longer period, yet there is enough breakdown going on to ensure a strong flavouring of the water column…

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