Using Bait Boats at Trois Fontaine

Bait boats give a new dimension to fishing at Trois Fontaine and allow you fish many spots that are inaccesable by casting.

In addition to improving your range, the abiility to place a bait with accuracy and surrounded by a tight patch of free offerings can be a decided advantage.

Which Bait Boat

The choice is amazing nowadays and there are bait boats to fit most pockets and fishing situations.

Usually, the need for a bait boat is distance and accuracy so the capacity of the hoppers is a little academic and something  the fact that a boat is easy to carry and will place a bait and a handful of free offerings will be likely to get more use than the euro monster that will dump 10Kgs at a time, but needs a strong man to carry it!

If I was to state a choice I guess it would be the Anging Technics range of bait boats, the ProCat is small and easy to carry around and the MicroCat will give you capacity to dump out a bucketfull, if you are strong enough 🙂

How to Use a Bait Boat 

Mention bait boats and you have to mention the need for commonsense as it is easy to be stupid in your bait placement and distance fished.

NEVER fish were you don’t have a reasonable chance of extracting a fish or where you will annoy other anglers.

If you are fishing at extreme range, think about what will happen if the fish kites. Are their overhanging trees that will snag you before you will have a chance to land the fish? Trois Fontaine is quite shallow and the fish will kite!

Are you fishing to far in to the snag?, at distance your line will stretch and even if you are onto the fish quickly it can mean that  the fish will have enough stretch to get into the snag.

Size Matters?

Just because your bait boat can deliver 2kgs of free offerings, doesn’t mean that you should be dumping this amount out every time you recast.

The ability to place a hook bait perfectly where you want it with 4 or 5 free offerings can be vastly more effective than a huge dump of boilies.

Think about it, 2 kilos of bait will need a shoal to get through while half a dozen baits is a tasty morsel for just one fish….

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