A quick walk around Trois Fontaine’s Main Lake!

Main Lake is an old estate lake of classic looks, surrounded by trees with reed lined margins and a host of lilies at the Eastern end.

We will start our walk from the car park and move South across the dam for a good view up the lake.

Trois Fontaine View Up the Main Lake

Trois Fontaine View Up the Main Lake

The first thing that takes your breath away is the host of lilies that stretch out in front of you for 80 or more yards, then your eye is drawn to the line of reeds that are some 25 yards out from the Southern bank, but with clear water behind them.

As your eye is drawn to the reed lined far end of the lake, you can see the duck lodge sitting as a very castable feature in the middle of the widest section.

The top end of the lake is out of site and is a very shallow and narrow ribbon of water that is unfishable although great fun to explore by boat if you can get Jon’s permission 🙂

From the middle of the dam we can see several swims on the left hand bank, but none on the right hand bank. This makes the fishing ideal as it is an easy cast to the far margin, with plenty of features to cast to and good depths right up to the edge.

The lilies themselves make a classic target, but care must be taken with tackle and tactics to make sure that the fish are not placed at risk.

The Southern Bank

The Southern Bank of the main lake is heavily overgrown and very boggy, but worth a visit!

The first thing you will notice is that the water comes right back in under the trees and the margins have a good depth that allows fishing very close to the bank, in fact when casting from the far bank you would not be able to put a bait where a fish couldn’t be 🙂

The back of the strip of reeds that stand out in the lake is fascinating as there is a wide area of water behind the reeds that is not obvious when viewed from the swims.

The Northern Bank

Moving from the dam up the left hand bank takes you past the swims and gives you a good view of all the fishing positions.

View from a swim on the Main Lake

View from a swim on the Main Lake

The first couple of swims cover the lily pads and the features are obvious!

The next couple have the reed line on the far margin as an obvious target, but don’t forget your own margin 🙂

After that every swim has a feature to cast to, either a fallen tree on the far margin or the duck hut!

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